What does value mean to your organization?

  • Is it value for money?
  • Is it increasing revenue?
  • Is it achieving your strategic objectives?
  • Is it achieving your tactical performance ?
  • Is it achieving your operational performance
  • Is it the benefits delivered?
  • Is it reducing risks?
  • Is it cutting costs ?
  • Is it improving success rates?
  • Is it about better performance and happy stakeholders? Or, is it all of these combined?
Whatever value means for your organization, KAMA-TECH SOLUTIONS is here for you. We will join forces with or without your in-house experts to force-multiply your efforts. Our experts,consultants, developers, and engineers help you solve your Analytics burden and PM challenges. We use a scientific process to deliver robust and agile solutions powered by recent Advanced Analytic, Technologies, turning data into actionable, intelligent insights that enables stakeholders to better manage strategic, tactical and operational performance and gain a competitive advantage on competitors.

Project Management Services

Our experienced PMP-Certified will add value to your company by defining the business value of each project in measurable terms. i.e offers a metric to measure ROI to help your company avoid investing in projects that aren’t tied to business results. KAMA-Tech Solutions PM experts set standards for project deliverables, including tracking and communicating schedules, setting measurable delivery goals and […]

Reporting & Visualization

Our experts have expertise in building and deploying beautiful dashboards and get them into the hands of decision makers or managers to quickly make informed decisions that dramatically impact business performance.Whether it is Strategic, Analytical,and Operational Dashboards we get you covered. We have expertise in how to transform data into comprehensive dashboards and customized reports to see trends, patterns, outliers, […]


Business Inteligence (BI)

Our business Intelligence experts will transform raw data into value-added information. We have expertise on delivering reliable, consistent and high quality information that enables stakeholders to better manage strategic, tactical and operational performance. We design and build an analytical variety of data visualizations across a range of metrics to help users and organizations to drill into more details of their […]

Cloud Computing

Traditionally, managing products, services, disaster recovery, and tool sets for your compute, data storage infrastructure, and data protection needs can be a challenge. We are experienced in both Cloud technologies and on-premises solutions. We have hands-on expertise with AWS, GCP, and Azure data engineering.


Data Analytics I Business Analytics

Analytics is a scientific data-driven process used to examine the raw data to draw a meaningful and logical sense from it Our versatile experts help companies to find hidden key trends, patterns and drive more information in data to enable accurate predictions and forecasting, root-cause analysis, improve business, services, and automated visual inspection, etc. Whether it is Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive […]

Big Data Analytics

We offer Big data consulting, implementation, support, and big data as a service to help companies store and process big data in real-time as well as retrieve valuable insights out of large, heterogeneous and constantly changing datasets. We have hands-on expertise with data engineering technologies such as Hadoop,Apache Spark,Cassandra,Kafka,SQL and NoSQL.


Database and System Design

The concept of data is constantly evolving and transforming in the business world and has also made it more challenging to operate. However, the database management system can help organizations in addressing those challenges. It is highly essential for organization in storing, monitoring,updating, tracking and retrieving efficiently relevant information and analyzing in real-time to draw meaningful and logical sense from it.

Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

We build and deploy ML including Deep Learning models or neural network models such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and generative adversarial networks (GANs) leveraging from applied mathematics to statistics, ML, AI and modern Information Technologies solutions to meet our clients most deliberate analytics needs. KAMA-Tech Solutions converts structured and unstructured data into precise distinguishable metrics that enables stakeholders to […]